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Embeds videos from 3Q SDN.

Required Scripts

<script async custom-element="amp-3q-player" src="https://cdn.ampproject.org/v0/amp-3q-player-0.1.js"></script>

Supported Layouts

Enables AMP to embed videos from 3Q SDN into your websites.


The amp-3q-player component embeds videos from 3Q SDN onto an AMP page. The component includes a video interface, and you can customize the width and height of the player. Specify a responsive layout to maintain a 16:9 video aspect ratio.





The data-id attribute specifies the appropriate sdnPlayoutId from 3Q SDN.

autoplay (optional)

If the autoplay attribute is present, and the browser supports autoplay, the following behaviors are enabled:

  • The video automatically mutes before autoplay starts.
  • When the user scrolls the video out of view, the video pauses.
  • When the user scrolls the video into view, the video resumes.
  • The video unmutes when the user taps it.

If the user interacts with the video and then scrolls it into or out of view, the state of the video remains the same. For example, if the user pauses the video, scrolls the video out of view and then scrolls back up to it, the video remains paused.

Common attributes

The amp-3q-player component includes the common attributes that are extended to all AMP components.


See amp-3q-player rules in the AMP validator specification.

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