SEP 30, 2018

Tokopedia boosts mobile performance with AMP and PWA

5x Higher mobile conversion rates
60% Lower bounce rate
65% Faster load time

Founded in 2009, Tokopedia has quickly become the biggest marketplace platform in Indonesia. They have a nationwide merchant network of over 2.7 million customers, 18+ million product listings, and an average of more than 50 million monthly visits.


In a highly competitive e-commerce market, it’s critical to provide the best user experience (UX) for customers, including for those using low-end smartphones on 3G or 2G connections. As Tokopedia’s mobile traffic grew, the company saw an opportunity to acquire new users and improve mobile conversions through this valuable channel.

They built AMP versions of their top three types of organic landing pages types: product, category, and trending. Overall, this resulted in 3.6 million AMP pages optimized for organic search, their biggest product-discovery funnel. The AMP pages also transitioned users to a Progressive Web App (PWA), ensuring consistent speed and a great UX.


Offline UX was an important part of the PWA experience, given the network infrastructure and customers’ predominantly low-end smartphones. Tokopedia emphasized good caching, offline fallback pages, and auto-refresh pages upon internet availability. After implementing AMP and PWA, they reached four important mobile milestones: a 5X jump in conversion rates, a 40% increase in organic traffic, 65% faster page load times, and a 60% lower bounce rate, which highlighted better engagement.

“By solving for landing-page speed with AMP and offering consistent fast experience with PWA, we can build better products for our users,” says Prashant Mahajan, Tokopedia product manager. “AMP and PWA proved to be worthwhile investments,” adds Anton Saputro, product lead for mobile web. “We saw improved user engagement and 5X better conversion rates on PWA than on the original mobile web flow.”

The e-commerce company expects to continue working on a feedback and product-improvement cycle to optimize their AMP and PWA experience.Tokopedia also will start using AMP pages in search engine marketing (SEM) and Google Ads campaigns.

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