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Displays a media stream from the nexxOMNIA platform.

Required Script <script async custom-element="amp-nexxtv-player" src=""></script>
Supported Layouts fill, fixed, fixed-height, flex-item, nodisplay, responsive


With the responsive layout, the width and height from the example should yield correct layouts for 16:9 aspect ratio videos:

    width="480" height="270"></amp-nexxtv-player>


data-mediaid (required) Represents the ID of the media you want to play.
data-client (required) Your domain ID.
data-streamtype (optional)

Indicates the media streaming type, which can be one of the following:

  • video (default)
  • audio
  • playlist
  • playlist-masked: A playlist without the option to skip or choose video.
  • live
  • album: An audio playlist.
data-seek-to (optional) Indicates the starting point of your media (in seconds). For example, video starting 1:30min.
data-mode (optional) Indicates the data mode, which can be static (default) or api.
data-origin (optional) Indicates the source from which the embedded domain media is played. By default this is set to
data-disable-ads (optional) Ads are enabled by default. Set value to 1 to disable.
data-streaming-filter (optional) Set streaming filter e.g. "nxp-bitrate-0750" for max 750kbit max bitrate.
common attributes This element includes common attributes extended to AMP components.


See amp-nexxtv-player rules in the AMP validator specification.

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