The AMP Component Catalogue

The AMP HTML library consists of a basic runtime that brings the core functionalities of AMP to your page. If you want to add additional features you can do so by using one or more of the ready-to-use AMP components. They are classified as:

Built-in Components that are included in the base library, such as amp-img and amp-pixel.
Extended Extensions to the base library that must be explicitly included in the document as custom elements.
Experimental Components that are released but are not yet ready for wide use.

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Permettre aux internautes d'avoir un aperçu du contenu et...
Afficher plusieurs éléments de contenu similaires le long d'un axe...
The amp-layout` component allows you to apply aspect-ratio based...
Provides a "lightbox” experience. Upon user interaction, a UI...
Afficher des éléments dans une fenêtre modale "lightbox" en plein écran.
Monitors the position of an element within the viewport as a user...