JUNE 6, 2017

Leading French organic retailer doubles mobile conversions with AMP

5X Increase in mobile page speed
80% Increase in mobile conversion rates
66% Decrease in mobile acquisition costs

The following case study was published on Think with Google.

French organic retailer Greenweez is an online-only business that believes that mobile will play a large role in their future. But as of early 2017, their mobile site was only converting 25% as well as their desktop site. They believed much of this was due to their mobile site’s average load time of 10 seconds.

Greenweez knew there was a clear correlation between mobile page load times and bounce rates. A Google study armed them with concrete data: 53% of users will leave a mobile site that takes more than 3 seconds to load, and bounce rates increase by 123% when mobile page load times increase from 1 to 10 seconds.


Greenweez knew they needed to increase mobile site load speeds and decided to do so with AMP. They made the switch to AMP in January 2017, first testing the format for their product pages and then for their category pages. By March 2017, AMP was driving close to half of the company’s mobile traffic. Greenweez CEO Simon Le Fur says that the transition to AMP was easy — "We were able to migrate our mobile pages to AMP in under two months," he explains.


For Greenweez, the results from the switch to AMP were immediate: from January 2017 to March 2017, mobile page load times decreased by 5x. Arcane, Greenweez's data and media agency, took advantage of this by redirecting the company’s AdWords Search and Shopping campaigns to AMP product and category pages. Mobile conversion rates increased by 80% while cost-per-acquisition (CPA) dropped by 66%. Le Fur is thrilled with the results so far. He shares, “With AMP, we were able to improve mobile performance, achieve impressive results and double our conversion rates. AMP really moved the needle for Greenweez.”

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