JUN 20, 2018

Metromile lowers costs, reaches more potential customers with AMP

27% Longer sessions
24% More pages viewed
30% Lower bounce rate


Founded in 2011, San Francisco-based Metromile offers pay-per-mile car insurance that gives drivers control over their monthly bill. By offering affordable car insurance, transparent pricing based on mileage, instant access to detailed vehicle diagnostics via the driving app, and a fully-automated claims process, Metromile is transforming car insurance to be more intelligent, seamless, and accessible than ever before.

Metromile’s mobile site had a background image and other features that slowed page load speeds. The main mobile call-to-action (CTA), “Get a Quote,” also took several seconds to load. “We always knew speed was important. When we heard about AMP, we wanted to measure to what extent shorter load times would improve clickthrough rates (CTR) and conversions down the funnel,” says April Zaratsian, Metromile digital marketing associate. To test the impact of AMP, Metromile’s site development team worked over a two-week period to test and implement the AMP framework for a specific landing page where potential customers could request a quote. Then, to isolate AMP’s impact on their search advertising, they used AdWords Campaign Experiments to split mobile search ad traffic between the new AMP landing page and a visually-identical page that did not use the AMP framework.


Metromile saw the speeds they hoped for—AMP page load time was almost 80% faster on a 3G connection and 76% faster on a 4G connection. CTR to the AMP page page was also 13% higher than to the non-AMP mobile landing page, and the overall cost per conversion on mobile was 23% lower for AMP traffic than for non-AMP mobile traffic.

What most excites Metromile about AMP is “the ability to increase CTR and conversion rate at a lower cost per conversion,” Zaratsian says. “We’re using wins we see on our landing page tests in other channels and implementing them on our AMP page. What works on a non-AMP page also should work on an AMP mobile landing page.” While Metromile are continuing to test and improve their AMP landing page, they’re also working to implement AMP into other channels outside of paid search, as well as considering using only AMP for pages further in the conversion funnel.

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