MAR 07, 2019

Japan's biggest insurance comparison website boosts landing pages

+28.9% Mobile conversion rate
-36.8% Cost-per-action
-50.8% Bounce rate


Today’s mobile-first consumers are prioritizing ease and convenience, and the same can be said about people in the market for insurance. Advance Create, the biggest insurance comparison website in Japan, has been a pioneer in shifting the insurance market from offline to online. The company’s goal is to make consumers’ insurance buying experience a breeze, yet it struggled with slow mobile page speed.

Given that much of its traffic comes from mobile, Advance Create wanted to speed up the mobile page load time for its Google Ads landing pages. To do so, the insurance comparison website turned to AMP to help improve its user experience and boost conversions for its Google ads.


To find a new way to effectively engage potential consumers, Advance Create worked with its site development team to implement AMP. Taking a data-driven approach allowed Advance Create to target the best- and highest-impact places to start its AMP implementation.

Knowing that certain Google Ads landing pages saw 30% more visits than others based on the type of insurance and customer age selected, the company focused its AMP-to-AMP transitions between pages that see the most traffic to improve user site experience. After a successful 17 days of testing, the team scaled AMP across 150 pages within 14 days.


Advance Create saw immediate results from its AMP implementation. Page loading time decreased by 61.2%, which led to a 28.9% higher conversion rate and a 36.8% decrease in cost per action (CPA) for its Google ads. By refining its mobile experience, Advance Create also improved its bounce rate by 50.8% and saw stronger ad performance. “Our team was initially worried about the amount of time and developer resources that this project would require. However, we were able to ramp up quickly and significantly improve our mobile CVR with AMP,” said Toshifumi Torii, head of Insurtech promotion office at Advance Create.

Following its success, Advance Create plans to redesign its website using Progressive Web Applications (PWA) and implement Google Pay to help make its checkout process simpler and more efficient.

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