Pianificazione del progetto AMP

The ongoing development of AMP is conducted in working groups, each with knowledge or interest in a specific area of AMP.

To make their work visible to the community all groups provide regular status updates with details of what they have accomplished and what's up next.

All of the updates listed here are available as issues on GitHub and we'd love you to join the conversation there!

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Status Update Wed Apr 01 2020

What was accomplished

Events & Education

Cancelled all in person events for 2020 due to Covid-19:

  • AMP Conf
  • AMP Roadshows
  • AMP Contributor Summit

Study Jams were supposed to start running at the end of February. Live events have mostly been cancelled worldwide, but some areas (like Turkey) will be trying virtual Study Jams,


  • Launched AMP Optimizer 2.0 (blog post)
    • Auto AMP component script import.
    • Auto add any missing mandatory AMP tags.
    • New Markdown support via tag to <amp-img> conversion.
    • CSP tag generation for inline amp-scripts.
    • Built-in HTML minification removing unneeded whitespace (this includes AMP specific optimizations such as removing whitespace from inline JSON and minifying inline amp-scripts using terser).
    • AMP server-side-rendering now supports the intrinsic layout. This means AMP Optimizer can remove the AMP boilerplate for pages using the intrinsic layout resulting in much faster load times.
    • Transformations run 40% faster by switching from parse5 to htmlparser2!
  • Published AMP Eleventy Plugin (no outreach yet)
  • Work on Next.js client-libary (launch postponed due to AMP Optimizer work)
  • New tool to download the AMP runtime for self-hosting

Documentation & Videos

  • Launched new bi-weekly video series: How to AMP (episode 1)
  • Re-written amp-bind docs (samples for all supported APIs)
  • Started work on new guide “how to create interactive AMP pages” covering all aspects of AMP interactivity from build-in basics to amp-script.
All details on GitHub

What's next

Events & Education

Create a strategy for how we can compensate the loss of in-person events with other outreach activities.

Framework & CMS integrations

  • Start work on AMP Start 2.0
    • Modularize templates into a component based approach
    • Publish components as HTML snippets and React components.
  • Promote the AMP Eleventy Plugin
    • Starter kits
    • Blog post
  • Launch Next.js client-libary
  • AMP Optimizer
    • Add support for media, sizes and heights to AMP SSR
    • Module / No-module support
    • Image optimization
    • Runtime self-hosting

  • Maybe: launch new getting started experience on
  • Investigate moving from to Eleventy
  • Publish translation and setup continuous translation workflow

Documentation & Videos

  • Publish and produce more How to AMP video (ideas & scripts welcome - ask @crystalonscript)
  • Publish “how to create interactive AMP pages” guide
  • Publish more amp-script documentation, guides and samples.
  • Building AMP Camp blog series
  • Work on component reference doc standardization
All details on GitHub