MARCH 15, 2017

WompMobile consistently improves e-commerce clients’ conversion rates with AMP sites

105% Conversion rate increase on AMP pages
31% Decrease in bounce rate on AMP pages
29% Increase in CTR from search platforms on AMP sites

WompMobile is a digital agency specializing in converting traditional e-commerce and enterprise sites into effective mobile experiences. "We tell our clients that today's mobile shoppers are won and lost in less than one second," says co-founder Robert Gara. "Being mobile friendly isn't enough. People expect instant access to information—and page speed is critical to getting customers to engage with our clients’ mobile sites."


AMP hit WompMobile’s radar in 2015. “It was a pause-worthy moment in our evolution,” Gara recalls. “AMP offered the ability to combine blazing speed with rich functionality.”

WompMobile integrated AMP into their proprietary development platform and now converts complex websites into beautiful AMP sites—like and—leveraging their clients’ existing IT infrastructure, including checkout systems. Newly-created AMP pages remain automatically synchronized with their desktop counterparts. And the AMP format enables WompMobile to build pages that always contain the essential e-commerce elements, including product specs, brand attributes, product photos, and more. “AMP was the perfect addition to our business, giving us a new level of impact for our e-commerce clients,” notes Gara.


AMP is working for WompMobile, lowering bounce rates and driving user engagement. Clients are seeing how important fast-loading pages are to improving these metrics—and, ultimately, converting site visitors to paying customers. “Today, we balance the usability and speed of AMP with the functionality necessary to create a continuous, effective shopping experience,” says Gara. “AMP has been a huge differentiator for our business.”

In an overall comparison of WompMobile’s e-commerce clients, AMP pages clearly outperform those not using AMP, increasing conversion rates by 105%, decreasing bounce rates by 31%, and increasing click-through rates (CTR) from search engines by 29%.

Homing in on metrics for a few of WompMobile’s clients, it’s clear that AMP pages are driving impressive bottom-line results.

  • JM Bullion: the coin-and-precious-metals retailer saw a 26% increase per order and a 39% higher conversion rate
  • Portero: the luxury goods reseller saw a 29% decrease in bounce rates and a 208% increase in conversion rates
  • Campmor: the outdoor outfitter saw a 28% increase per order and a 20% lower bounce rate

Today, WompMobile has fully integrated AMP into their offering. In fact, most of WompMobile’s clients—mainly e-commerce and enterprise-level organizations—hire WompMobile for their turnkey AMP solution.

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