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The amp-3d-gltf component displays 3D models that are in glTF format. The doc describing this element can be found here

Note: A WebGL capable browser is required to display these models.


Import the amp-3d-gltf component in the header.

<script async custom-element="amp-3d-gltf" src=""></script>

Basic Usage

Embed 3d model via the src attribute.

<amp-3d-gltf layout="fixed" width="320" height="240" src="/static/samples/glTF/DamagedHelmet.glb"></amp-3d-gltf>


You can customize the 3D model using these attributes: * src - A required attribute that specifies the URL to the glTF file. * alpha - A Boolean attribute that specifies whether free space on canvas is transparent. By default, free space is filled with black. Default value is false. * antialiasing - A Boolean attribute that specifies whether to turn on antialiasing. Default value is false. * maxPixelRatio - A numeric value that specifies the upper limit for the pixelRatio render option. The default is window.devicePixelRatio. * autoRotate - A Boolean attribute that specifies whether to automatically rotate the camera around the model's center. Default value is false. * enableZoom - A Boolean attribute that specifies whether to turn on zoom. Default value is true.

<amp-3d-gltf layout="fixed" width="320" height="240" alpha="true" antialiasing="true" autorotate="true" enablezoom="false" src="/static/samples/glTF/DamagedHelmet.glb"></amp-3d-gltf>

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