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Displays a Pinterest widget, Save button, or Follow button.

Required Scripts

<script async custom-element="amp-pinterest" src=""></script>


Use the amp-pinterest component to display a Save button, Pin widget, or Follow button.

Example: Save button

  data-description="Next stop: Pinterest"

Example: Pin widget


Example: Follow button

  data-label="Kent Brewster"

Save Button

data-do (required)

Must be set to buttonPin.

data-url (required)

Contains the fully-qualified URL intended to be saved as a pin or re-made into a widget.

data-media (required)

Contains the fully-qualified URL of the image intended to be saved as a pin. If the pin will eventually contain multimedia (such as YouTube), it should point to a high-resolution thumbnail.

data-description (required)

Contains the default description that appears in the pin create form; please choose carefully, since many Pinners will close the form without pinning if it doesn't make sense.

Sizing the Save button

Default small rectangular button:

height=20 width=40

Small rectangular button with pin count to the right, using data-count="beside":

height=20 width=85

Small rectangular button with pin count on top, using data-count="above":

height=50 width=40

Large rectangular button using data-tall="true":

height=28 width=56

Large rectangular button with pin count to the right, using data-tall="true" and data-count="beside":

height=28 width=107

Large rectangular button with pin count on top, using data-tall="true" and data-count="above":

height=66 width=56

Small circular button using data-round="true":

height=16 width=16

Large circular button using data-round="true" and data-tall="true":

height=32 width=32

Follow Button

data-do (required)

Must be set to buttonFollow.

data-href (required)

Contains the fully qualified Pinterest user profile url to follow.

data-label (required)

Contains the text to display on the follow button.

Embedded Pin Widget

data-do (required)

Must be set to embedPin.

data-url (required)

Must contain the fully-qualified URL of the Pinterest resource to be shown as a widget.


This property like the the alt attribute on an <img> tag specifies the alternate text. If not provided it will be infered from the pin data provided by the Pinterest API.


See amp-pinterest rules in the AMP validator specification.

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