Embeds a video player for instream video ads that are integrated with the IMA SDK.

Required Script <script async custom-element="amp-ima-video" src=""></script>
Supported Layouts fixed, responsive
Examples See AMP By Example's amp-ima-video example.


You can use the amp-ima-video component to embed an IMA SDK enabled video player.

The component requires an ad tag, provided in data-tag, which is a URL to a VAST-compliant ad response (for examples, see IMA Sample Tags).

The component HTML accepts the following types of HTML nodes as children: source tags for content video, used in the same way as the standard video tag. track tags for subtitles, in the same way as the standard video tag. If the track is hosted on a different origin than the document, you must add the data-crossorigin attribute to the <amp-ima-video> tag. * a script tag of type application/json used to provide ImaSdkSettings. Provide the property-translation of the setters in the linked documentation (e.g. to call setNumRedirects(4), provide {"numRedirects": 4}).


    width=640 height=360 layout="responsive"
    data-tag="ads.xml" data-poster="poster.png">
  <source src="foo.mp4" type="video/mp4">
  <source src="foo.webm" type="video/webm">
  <track label="English subtitles" kind="subtitles" srclang="en" src="subtitles.vtt">
  <script type="application/json">
    "locale": "en",
    "numRedirects": 4


data-tag (required) The URL for your VAST ad document. A relative URL or a URL that uses https protocol.
data-src The URL of your video content. A relative URL or a URL that uses https protocol. This attribute is required if no <source> children are present.
data-crossorigin Required if a track resource is hosted on a different origin than the document.
data-poster (optional) An image for the frame to be displayed before video playback has started. By default, the first frame is displayed.
data-delay-ad-request (optional) If true, delay the ad request until either the user scrolls the page, or for 3 seconds, whichever occurs first. Defaults to false.
data-ad-label (optional) A format string that looks like "Ad (%s of %s)", used to generate the ad disclosure when an ad is playing. The "%s" in the format string is replaced with the current ad number in the sequence and the total number of ads, respectively (e.g. Ad 2 of 3). This allows users to support ad disclosures in different languages. If no value is given, this defaults to "Ad (%s of %s)".
dock Requires amp-video-docking extension. If this attribute is present and the video is playing manually, the video will be "minimized" and fixed to a corner or an element when the user scrolls out of the video component's visual area. For more details, see documentation on the docking extension itself.
common attributes This element includes common attributes extended to AMP components.


See amp-ima-video rules in the AMP validator specification.

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