Encouraging More Voices in AMP

AMP Working Group

An AMP Working Group is a segment of the community with knowledge/interest in specific area of AMP. Working Groups are created by AMP’s Technical Steering Committee.

Most Working Groups provide bi-weekly status updates and present quarterly high-level updates in round-robin fashion at Design Reviews.

AMP のワーキンググループは次のとおりです。


Security & Privacy

The wg-security-privacy Working Group is responsible for ensuring AMP maintains high standards with respect to security and privacy, including documenting security/privacy best practices and facilitating security/privacy reviews for AMP code and features.

Security & Privacyのファシリテーターは次のメンバーです: @honeybadgerdontcare

Current Issues


Communication Channels


Security & Privacy Working Group members will use #wg-security-privacy channel on AMP's Slack (signup) for real-time discussion. The channel is open to anyone, regardless of membership in Secuirty & Privacy working group.