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Use amp-youtube to embed YouTube videos into your AMP HTML files.


Import the amp-youtube component

<script async custom-element="amp-youtube" src=""></script>

Basic usage

Embed YouTube videos via the video id. The id is found in every Youtube video page URL.

<amp-youtube width="480" height="270" layout="responsive" data-videoid="lBTCB7yLs8Y">


Setting autoplay will automatically play/pause the YouTube video as it is scrolled into/out of view on supported browsers.

The YouTube video is automatically muted before autoplay starts, when the user taps the video, the video is unmuted.

If the user has interacted with the YouTube video (e.g., mutes/unmutes, pauses/resumes, etc.), and the video is scrolled in or out of view, the state of the video remains as how the user left it.

<amp-youtube width="480" height="270" layout="responsive" data-videoid="lBTCB7yLs8Y" autoplay>

Custom parameters

All data-param-* attributes will be added as query parameter to the YouTube iframe src. This may be used to pass custom values through to YouTube plugins, such as whether to show controls, for example to configure the rel or modestbranding option.

<amp-youtube width="480" height="270" layout="responsive" data-param-modestbranding="1" data-param-rel="1" data-videoid="lBTCB7yLs8Y">
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