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Geolocation-based Consent Flow


Sometimes is necessary to ask only users from specific countries for consent. This sample demonstrates how you can use amp-consent together with amp-geo to achieve this. In this sample we'll build a consent dialog that will only show for users from the EU.


We need to import both, the amp-consent ...

<script async custom-element="amp-consent" src=""></script>

... and the amp-geo extension.

<script async custom-element="amp-geo" src=""></script>

Setting up amp-geo

First we need to setup the amp-geo extension. We'll use the present eea which includes all countries of the European Economic Area.

<amp-geo layout="nodisplay">
  <script type="application/json">
      "ISOCountryGroups": {
        "eu": ["preset-eea"]

We define a basic consent flow, similar to this sample. he flow should only trigger for users in the EU, so we set the flag: "promptIfUnknownForGeoGroup": "eu".

<amp-consent id="myUserConsent"
  <script type="application/json">
      "consents": {
        "eu": {
          "promptIfUnknownForGeoGroup": "eu",
          "promptUI": "myConsentFlow"
      "postPromptUI": "post-consent-ui"
  <div id="myConsentFlow"
    <div class="consentPopup">
      <div class="dismiss-button"
      <p>This is an important message requiring you to make a choice if you're based in the EU.</p>
      <button on="tap:myUserConsent.accept">Accept</button>
      <button on="tap:myUserConsent.reject">Reject</button>
  <div id="post-consent-ui">
    <button on="tap:myUserConsent.prompt()">Update Consent</button>


You can test different behaviors by appending custom country codes to the URL and enabling the dev-channel here, for example:

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