The AMP Component Catalogue

The AMP HTML library consists of a basic runtime that brings the core functionalities of AMP to your page. If you want to add additional features you can do so by using one or more of the ready-to-use AMP components. They are classified as:

Built-in Components that are included in the base library, such as amp-img and amp-pixel.
Extended Extensions to the base library that must be explicitly included in the document as custom elements.
Experimental Components that are released but are not yet ready for wide use.

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利用数据绑定和类似于 JS 的简单表达式,使元素因应用户操作或数据变更而变化。
Allows you to create forms to submit input fields in an AMP document.
Supports interaction with the MRAID host API within Ad webviews in...
允许呈现 Mustache.js 模板。
Run Narrativ's Linkmate process inside your AMP page