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Publisher Monetization

How does advertising work on Accelerated Mobile Pages?

A goal of the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project is to ensure effective ad monetization on the mobile web while embracing a user-centric approach. There is currently support for a comprehensive range of ad formats, ad networks and technologies in Accelerated Mobile Pages. As part of that, those involved with the project are also engaged in crafting Sustainable Ad Practices to ensure that ads in AMP files are fast, safe, compelling and effective for users.


Yes, as with their existing websites, publishers control their ad inventory and how they sell it.


It is a core objective of the Accelerated Mobile Pages project to support subscriptions and paywalls. AMP currently supports a flexible access framework where publishers can control the document viewing experience for subscribers, metered users and anonymous users.

在 AMP 格式中分析服务将如何被处理?

Ensuring publishers are able to get robust analytics insight is a core design goal for the project. AMP currently supports the collection of analytics information using features like amp-analytics, which can integrate with 3rd party systems without compromising the AMP file speed or size. Several analytics providers are participating in the project.

Do publishers receive credit for the traffic from a measurement perspective?

Yes, an AMP file is the same as the rest of your site – this space is the publisher’s canvas.


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