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These days, if it isn’t instant - it’s not fast enough. Even the most memorable creative won’t serve its purpose if the ad is slow and disruptive for a user.

AMP is fundamentally changing the way ads are built, delivered and measured on the web, making them faster and minimizing disruptions for users. This increases viewability and click-through rates to improve monetization, making everyone happy: users, publishers and advertisers alike.

Advertising continues to be the cornerstone of every publisher’s business model; AMP is fundamentally changing the way ads are built and delivered on the web by supporting ads that are fast, safe, compelling and effective for users.

A faster way to grow your business

A growing number of publishers and advertisers are adopting AMP to deliver faster and more engaging content to their users. As your clients embrace the speed of AMP and more users consume content on AMP pages, ensure that your business is positioned for the future and integrate your technology with AMP. Speeding up ads is the fastest way to boost performance.

AMP ads greatly improve the mobile internet through their intelligent design and pre-loading features. This leads to increased traffic, higher sales conversion rates and more pages per visit - delivering the value you’re looking for in your ads.

Although AMP pages support traditional HTML ads, these ads can be slow to load. To make ads themselves as fast as the rest of the AMP page, you can build ads in AMPHTML.

AMPHTML ads load as fast as content, increasing viewability and enticing engagement. AMPHTML ads are only delivered after being validated, ensuring that the ads are free of malware.

Ads created with AMPHTML are served on both AMP and non-AMP pages. By building an ad with AMP, you can deliver a memorable brand experience everywhere without worrying about speed and platform compatibility.

The benefits of AMP ads

End to end experience is controlled As the owner of your AMP websites and ads, no other parties can modify or add things, ensuring you are in control of the user experience and there won’t be any unexpected surprises. AMP ads are part of a user-first ecosystem and function the way a reasonable user would expect them to. Optimized AMP ads don’t drain the battery life of mobile devices, and clicking on them will lead to AMP pages, which are equally as fast and streamlined.
Reduce complexity in your operations AMP is simple and straightforward and quickly becoming the turnkey solution for building pages. AMP supports both traditional ads, and the faster, more secure AMPHTML ads. Ads on AMP pages are like any external resource and must play within the same constraints placed on all resources in AMP.
Collaborative community The AMP Project has a vast network of resources for getting started in the Documentation section including great-looking ad templates, demos and examples. AMPHTML ads are flexible and dynamic, allowing for many creative formats like carousel, parallax, and lightbox, to name a few.
Measurable viewability AMPHTML ads are 6x faster than regular ads on AMP pages, making them more viewable, more effective and more likely to perform well. You can monitor performance and adjust pricing accordingly, and offer the most engaging ad products to optimize your ad placements. In AMP, tweaking your pages to drive higher viewability rate or views is easy for publishers using the ‘data-loading-strategy’ attribute on the `amp-ad` component.
Maximize your revenue In order to engage with your brand and improve the performance of your campaigns, you have to speed things up. AMP ads load on average 5x faster than the non-AMP version, leading to higher conversion rates. Because AMPHTML ads are 3x lighter, the AMP framework guarantees that these ads only behave as intended so users always have a positive experience with your brand.
Maximize your ROI AMP ads are safe from malware because AMPHTML ads are verified before being served, thus, advertisers can ensure a safe user experience and building trust in the brands users are engaging with. Establish yourself as the adtech platform for the fast web and join the hundreds of technology platforms currently supporting the open source AMP ecosystem.

They load way faster. Users pick up on every small delay, and when the ads load fast, this has a very positive impact on their perception and advertiser performance.

Shaun Zacharia, President & Co-Founder, Triplelift.

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AMP for advertisers

Grow engagement and increase conversions with faster experiences

The average mobile site takes 19 seconds to load over a 3G connection. Coupled with the fact that conversions fall by 12% for every additional second a webpage takes to load, you can safely assume two things: speed equals performance, and most advertiser campaigns have room to improve. That’s where you come in. As an SSP, DSP, analytics provider, or anything in between, embracing speed means improving campaign performance, delivering quality user experiences, and establishing yourself as the adtech platform for the fast web. Join the hundreds of technology platforms currently supporting the open source AMP ecosystem.

AMP offers a way for you to give users a faster experience everywhere: on ads, landing pages or on your entire website. AMP ads help users engage with your brand and improve the performance of your campaigns. When your target audience lands on an AMP page, they get what they’re looking for in the moment they’re looking for it. The net result – they’re more likely to be engaged with and receptive to your brand’s messages, and more likely to take the actions you’re guiding them towards like completing a purchase.

What’s the difference between an AMPHTML ad and a regular ad? Seconds.

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