Learn Web Development with AMP

AMP can help you create fast websites more quickly!

  • If you’re an experienced web developer, you can create rich, fast sites with less code.
  • If you’re a new web developer, AMP helps you learn web development. If you know some HTML and CSS, you can use AMP to make an interactive website!

About the courses

These three free courses are in use in schools and training programs around the world. Now you can take them here, online, on our site. Suitable for beginners and experienced web developers alike, they will take you from zero to AMP!

During this course, you’ll build a sample site for Chico’s famous, and fictional, Cheese Bicycles.


Learn AMP


Teach AMP



  • basic knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • for the advanced course, JavaScript expressions and simple JSON

Take the Video Courses

All three courses can be now be taken by video on our YouTube channel!