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AMP Working Group

An AMP Working Group is a segment of the community with knowledge/interest in specific area of AMP. Working Groups are created by AMP’s Technical Steering Committee.

Most Working Groups provide bi-weekly status updates and present quarterly high-level updates in round-robin fashion at Design Reviews.

AMP’s Working Groups are:

Working Group

User Interface & Accessibility

wg-ui-and-a11y Working Group is responsible for AMP's visual components & interactions and AMP's overall accessibility and user experience (including published guidelines for AMP UX). The UI Working Group also has overall responsibility for ensuring AMP is accessible, though each WG is responsible for ensuring accessibility within their areas of responsibility.

The facilitator of User Interface & Accessibility is: @nainar

Current Issues


Communication Channels


UI Working Group members will use #wg-ui-and-a11y channel on AMP's Slack (signup) for real-time discussion. The channel is open to anyone, regardless of membership in UI working group.


UI Working Group will post Status Updates every two weeks as an issue labeled with Type: Status Update in this repository.

UI Working Group will post Announcements and Notices regarding events as an issue labeled with Type: Event in this repository.

UI Working Group will post Quarterly Roadmap as an issue labeled with Type: Roadmap in this repository.