Add a comment

Add comment

At this point, the user can add a comment using the amp-form library. Notice how the presence of the form is conditional, depending on the state of the amp-access component:

<form amp-access="loggedIn" amp-access-hide method="post" action-xhr="<%host%>/samples_templates/comment_section/submit-comment-xhr" target="_top">

We specify a POST method and a XHR action, as non XHR actions are not allowed with POST methods in AMP. Because this is a demo, we are not persisting comments, so it’s only possible to add one comment at the time; whenever a comment is added, the AMPByExample server replies with a JSON response containing the entered text with some additions, like a timestamp, an avatar and a name for the user.

Here's an example of JSON response:


The form component will simply display those values inside the page using the amp-mustache template:

<div submit-success>
  <template type="amp-mustache">
    <div class="comment-user">
      <amp-img width="44" class="user-avatar" height="44" alt="user" src=""></amp-img>
      <div class="card comment">
        <p><span class="user">{{User}}</span><span class="date">{{Datetime}}</span></p>

In this example, we are only checking if the value of the comment is not empty; if the value is empty, we return an error that causes the following code to execute

<div submit-error>
  <template type="amp-mustache">
    Error! Looks like something went wrong with your comment, please try to submit it again.

As an extra touch, we add the required attribute to enforce the presence of comment text before submitting the comment:

<input type="text" class="data-input" name="text" placeholder="Your comment..." required>

When you add a comment and click the submit button, you should now see something similar to the following screenshot: