Preview and validate


Preview the AMP page just as you would preview any other static HTML site. There’s no build step or preprocessing required. You can choose to:

  • Open the page directly in the browser from the file system (certain elements might not work due to XMLHttpRequests failing).
  • Use a local web server like Apache 2 or Nginx. (Tip: For a quick web server, run python -m SimpleHTTPServer.)


Next, make sure that your AMP page is actually valid AMP, or it won’t get discovered and distributed by third-party platforms like Google Search. To validate:

  1. Open your page in your browser.
  2. Add "#development=1" to the URL, for example, http://localhost:8000/released.amp.html#development=1.
  3. Open the Chrome DevTools console and check for validation errors.

READ ON – Learn more about validation, and what to do when you get errors.