The AMP Project Roadmap

The ongoing development of AMP is conducted in working groups, each with knowledge or interest in a specific area of AMP.

To make their work visible to the community all groups provide regular status updates with details of what they have accomplished and what's up next.

All of the updates listed here are available as issues on GitHub and we'd love you to join the conversation there!

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AMP for Email

Status Update Wed Mar 04 2020


  • A lot of consensus on standardization efforts

WG Meeting Notes (12/13, 1/10, 2/13)

  • Unified sender registration form still in review across providers
  • Consensus on allowing CSS attribute selectors in spec
  • Consensus on banning AMP-Redirect-To feature in amp-form
  • Consensus on standardizing meta-based whitelists (
  • Consensus on allowing input[type=button] in spec, links with tel: URI scheme
  • Reviewed process proposal for incremental adoption of new AMP components
  • Discussed optional enforcement of email CSS rules in validator
  • Discussed standardizing enforcement of DMARC
  • Discussed standardizing email "hyper-collapsing"
  • Discussed standardization of MIME tree corner cases
  • Continued reviewing new email auth proposal
  • Created new "AMP for Email Ecosystem" group and Slack channel

Focus areas

  • Standardizing AMP for email behavior across providers by using AMP4EMAIL spec as single source of truth
All details on GitHub