The AMP Project Roadmap

The ongoing development of AMP is conducted in working groups, each with knowledge or interest in a specific area of AMP.

To make their work visible to the community all groups provide regular status updates with details of what they have accomplished and what's up next.

All of the updates listed here are available as issues on GitHub and we'd love you to join the conversation there!

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Status Update Mon May 11 2020


  • Justin

    • Auto link stacktrace frames to code in bug reports

    • Added support for module/nomodule script pairs

    • Fixed devAssert/userAssert for closure's type narrowing

    • Persistent browserify caching!

    • Helped remove AmpPass, various fixes to infra builds

    • Added linting to chai assertions, fixed tests

    • Added a few missing unresolved element CSS styles

    • Made blurry-image non-interactable when it's opacity: 0.

    • Fixed CEv1 in Safari 9 and Yandex

    • Made getMode().test and friends DCE in prod (again)

  • Jake

    • documentHeight bugfix, unit test, and integration test.

    • amp-script worker exceptions caught as user errors instead of dev errors. 

    • Protocol Adapters unit tests and manual e2e test.

    • Small improvements to the e2e testing flow (--extensions and --fast options)

  • Will

    • “intersect-resources” experiment

      • Fixed ads regression

      • Looks like 1-2% LCP, 5-6% FID improvement

    • Reviewed to-date progress on code mauve in CSI data


  • Persistent module state in unit tests is tricky

  • Old browsers still get a small (but noticeable) percentage in traffic

    • Does this effectively constrain our true browser support set?


  • Justin

    • Hoping to add persistent file transform cache to Babel

    • Deferring buildCallback (should be easier, now that I've looked into it)

      • See if any elements expect really early buildCallback

  • Jake

    • New metric for in-viewport but not rendered latency

    • worker-dom Protocol Adapters PRs

    • IE11 Minimum support explorations

  • Will

    • Figure out and run a manual QA plan and start prod rollout
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