The AMP Project Roadmap

The ongoing development of AMP is conducted in working groups, each with knowledge or interest in a specific area of AMP.

To make their work visible to the community all groups provide regular status updates with details of what they have accomplished and what's up next.

All of the updates listed here are available as issues on GitHub and we'd love you to join the conversation there!

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Status Update Mon May 11 2020

What was accomplished

  • Performance Improvement
  • Running analytics-chunks experiment in canary. (Exclude AMPHTML ad)
  • Two existing errors surfaced due to the above experiment Issue Issue

  • Consent

  • Discussion on allowing consent dialog to take over fullScreen on page load Issue
  • Add metadata on top of the raw consent string. PR
  • Fixed consent dialog UI when the navigation bar is displayed. Issue
  • Agreed on expanding raw consent string storage limit up to 1kb.
    • The AMP team will monitor the "storage size exceed limit" error rate.
    • Update from Google AMP Viewer: open to expand the size limit to each domain, if it's the current limit is too small for the TCF V2 consent string.

What's next

  • Store consent metadata & pass metadata to vendors
  • Standalone analytics solution for AMPHTML Ad. Looking for early thoughts and ideas! Draft PR Draft PR.
All details on GitHub