The AMP Project Roadmap

The ongoing development of AMP is conducted in working groups, each with knowledge or interest in a specific area of AMP.

To make their work visible to the community all groups provide regular status updates with details of what they have accomplished and what's up next.

All of the updates listed here are available as issues on GitHub and we'd love you to join the conversation there!

Select working groups

User Interface & Accessibility

Status Update Tue May 26 2020

What was accomplished


  • Worked on open sourcing the Storybook addon for AMP


  • Preact modifications to SocialShare merged, ongoing discussions on AMP modifications
  • Merged initial amp-selector and amp-fit-text implementations
  • Modified PreactBaseElement to create a slot for internal AMP services, i.e. the sizer for layout=responsive
  • Bumped Bento components by a full integer (0.1 => 1.0 instead of 0.1 => 0.2)


  • Kevin's first week on triage!!
  • amp-img missing src leads to obscure error message bug fix
  • amp-carousel:0.2 autoadvance during prerender bug fix


  • amp-lightbox and amp-image-lightbox for AMP4Email

Lessons learned

  • return type of internal objects should be a struct
  • static methods should be hoisted to improve performance (instantiation)
  • Preact props need to be quoted, otherwise they get obscured by the compiler
  • You need a computer to do things
  • Zewen doesn't like dark mode during the day -- the range of colors expressing the information hierarchy leaves more to be desired

What's next

  • modifications to amp-social-share
  • ongoing discussion & design review for lightbox in email
  • prototype carousels for Bento
  • more bugs to be fixed
All details on GitHub

User Interface & Accessibility

Status Update Mon May 11 2020

What was accomplished

Kevin: - Progress on amp-social-share Preact mode - More React training!

Caroline: - amp-list[layout=container] available: - launched on email! - experimental elsewhere - Progress on amp-selector for Bento - Progress on amp-fit-text for Bento - Was on release duty - Rolled out display locking, in testing for one week - a11y vendor conversations - Discussed amp-lightbox in email

Wassim: - amp-imgur format fix - amp-facebook fullscreen ongoing - Storybook --addon-amp

Alan: - amp-story-animation code complete - Turned on ECMASCRIPT 2020 :)

Rebecca: - Ramping up with new extension Codelab.

Lessons learned

What's next

  • amp-social-share Preact mode
  • More Bento: amp-selector, amp-fit-text, starting discussions for amp-carousel
  • Testing display locking using CSS property instead of an attribute.
  • Launching amp-story-animation
  • Investigating migrating amp-carousel 0.1 to 0.2
  • (Reproing amp-carousel 0.2 in amp-lightbox bug)
  • Finalizing design for video on Bento mode
All details on GitHub

User Interface & Accessibility

Status Update Mon Apr 27 2020

What was accomplished

Bento: - Design review for styling - Progress on amp-selector - Progress on design for amp-social-share in Preact mode - amp-social-share Storybook examples

amp-carousel 0.2: - Investigated stability issues.

amp-list[layout=container]: - Progress on launching

amp-story-animation: - Done: scoping selectors to an element - Done: sequencing

Display locking: - Setting up infrastructure for experiment rollout

amp-next-page 0.2: - Bugfix for deep parsing - Bugfix for recommendation box not rendering

Storybook: - Styled JSX

Lessons learned

  • URL expansion is async and specific to AMP—some components on Preact mode need a different solution.

  • Closure doesn't have intersection types :(

  • Wassim learned a lot on how custom fonts work on AMP

  • optional ?? fallback syntax for nullish values

What's next

  • Rebecca joining us!
  • More on design for amp-social-share on Preact mode
  • amp-story-animation: viewport units/CSS extensions
  • Using only amp-animation spec format for amp-story presets.
  • Rollout display locking
  • Caroline on release duty next week
  • amp-selector in Bento
  • amp-fit-text in Bento
  • Reviewing font strategy change
  • Transformer for font-display: optional on Google Fonts URLs.
All details on GitHub