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The amp-gist component allows embedding of an entire gist or a single file. The fixed-height layout is the only supported layout, and it requires the height attribute. You must provide the actual height of the gist, and you can find this on the gist page by inspecting the element with developer tools (e.g. Chrome Dev Tools). Visit GitHub Gist to create a Gist.


Import the amp-gist component

<script async custom-element="amp-gist" src=""></script>

Basic usage

Embed an entire gist.

<amp-gist data-gistid="b9bb35bc68df68259af94430f012425f" layout="fixed-height" height="241">

Selecting a specific file

Embed one file out of a gist using the data-file attribute. The data-file attribute is optional.

<amp-gist data-gistid="a19e811dcd7df10c4da0931641538497" data-file="hi.c" layout="fixed-height" height="197">

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